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Retirement Preparation

Written By hendra wahyono on Senin, 25 November 2013 | 18.18

When talking about retirement is interesting , a lot of people who had had enough with the retirement savings of their company and most are still many people who have not had time to prepare for their retirement funds .

" Ah , the old is still gold , which is now used to enjoy living alone , " they said. Well, if you like it , in fact we all want to retire when the heck ? Let 's discuss ...

Retirement is a time when we already do not have a steady job and a steady income again , meaning in retirement that we can enjoy the life of the results of our work so far .

The question is , what's really been able to enjoy the rest of the life of our hard work ?

While there are some people who when retired already have their own business or become an expert in the field so that they have a much larger income than when actively working even passive income so that they can or can enjoy life after a very hard working at half their lives , but in Indonesian position is still very little .

Question again , whether we are in fact still present in the active phase of work , there is also a mid-career and even some that are in the peak of his career was already thinking about retirement ?

According to the Financial Quotient survey conducted a private bank in 2007, exposing the fact that quite astonishing that only 32 % of people do their retirement preparations with mature , meaning that the population of Indonesia is still very much the pension is not considered important part of their lives .

And I 'm sure 32 % of those who prepare for retirement , mostly because it helped the pension fund given or prepared from their place of work .

Another survey is Life Outlook Index ( by a private insurance company that conducted in 8 countries in Asia in the same year said that the new people when they prepare their retirement age of 49 years , it means that if the average person retiring at age 55 .

Though come to think and calculated in detail , using the formula Time Value of Money aka TVM we can predict roughly how much it costs our lives in the future , and if you add up the cost of the pension to be prepared to be huge.

The fund could reach billions of dollars even tens of billions of dollars . Well , to raise funds required no small amount of this large monthly investment funds or if you want to invest with funds that are not too big so it takes a long investment horizon , so that the fund can grow to its full potential .
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