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History of Kentucky Fried Chicken, The World's Largest Restaurant Chain

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KFC ( Kentucky Fried Chicken ) is the world's largest restaurant chain ( chain of fried chicken fast food restaurants) , headquartered in Louisville , Kentucky in the United States . An " American icon " second only to McDonald's restaurants , with more than 17,000 outlets in 105 countries and territories . KFC Colonel Harland Sanders founded by , who started selling his fried chicken from a roadside restaurant in Corbin , Kentucky .

Colonel Sanders Harland David Sanders or Birth , dated 9 September 1890 and 16 December 1980 has died of date . Born and raised in Henryville , Indiana . Colonel Sanders passed through several professions in his life , with mixed success . Colonel Sanders sold his homemade fried chicken in 1930 in the midst of the Great Depression . of a gas station he owned in North Corbin , a small town on the edge of the southern Appalachian Mountains in eastern Kentucky . in the dining room was named Sanders Court & Café , which says quite successful and he was given the honorary title of Kentucky Colonel in 1936 by Governor Ruby Laffoon Kentucky .

The following year Sanders expanded the restaurant to 142 seats , and also added a motel he bought across the street . When Sanders prepares original chicken restaurant in North Corbin , he presents a chicken in an iron skillet , which took about 30 minutes to cook ( but too long for a restaurant operation ) In 1939 , Sanders changed the cooking process for the fried chicken to use Pressure frying , so cooking time is greatly reduced compared to fried . not only do the increased speed of production , but the resulting method flakier , moisturizing chicken . Between 1939 and 1940 Sanders designing what became known as the Original Recipe , from 11 herbs and spices . In 1940 he completed what became known as his Original Recipe 11 herbs and spices . Sanders admitted the use of salt and pepper in the recipe , and claims that the materials used " stand on everybody 's shelf " . After recommissioned ( new commission ) as a Kentucky Colonel in 1950 by Governor Lawrence Wetherby , Sanders began dressing and growing part of his trademark beard , wearing a black skirt coat ( later switched to white suit ) and referred to himself as " Colonel "

The Sanders Court & Café generally served to tourists , which they often toward Florida , so when guests pass pass routes in 1950 , eventually turns into Interstate 75 passes Corbin , he sold the property and traveled to the U.S. to sell chicken to restaurant owners . who first offered his friend Pete Harman is living in South Salt Lake , Utah , the operator of one of the largest restaurants in the city . together , they opened the " Kentucky Fried Chicken " first in 1952 . restaurant sales in the first year benefited more than tripled , with 75 % percent of the increase in sales of fried chicken ( For Harman ) the addition of fried chicken is the way to distinguish the restaurant from its competitors . The Utah product is call Kentucky a unique name , which makes it look special. A painter hired by Harman coined the name " Kentucky Fried Chicken "

Harman first company to produce training manuals and product guides . he also makes the company slogan became " It's finger lickin ' good" . hamman 1957 was also the first time makes the idea of ​​selling 14 pieces of chicken , five rolls and a pint of sauce in a complete meal Dengah price of $ 3.50. he also took the project as an aid to Sanders , who has been called on behalf of the Denver franchisee , who did not know what to do with 500 buckets that he bought from the street vendors .

At Harman sold his first meal , the restaurant chain is no more than a network of independent restaurants that are paid cents per order for " secret blend of herbs and spices " Sanders and the right to its . chicken recipes on their menus and use his name , also for promotional purposes . Popularity food finally to make it worth her ​​independent KFC restaurant opened , according to Harman , " to give you enough volume to justify the manager and pay overhead costs ( Operating Expenses Business ) " Free Standing store causes a faster growth rate than the chain restaurants because surgery operation specifically proved much easier to sell to prospective franchisees .

A franchisee started from 1962 , is Dave Thomas , who created it , which is then used rotating sign at most KFC locations in the United States . Thomas encourages Sanders KFC appearing in television commercials helped to simplify the chain restaurant menu items to more than 100 just fried chicken and salads . Thomas sold its shares in 1968 , in the process of becoming a millionaire , and then find a Wendy 's restaurant

In 1964, Kentucky Fried Chicken is sold in over 600 franchised outlets in the United States and Canada . Sanders sold the entire KFC franchising operation in 1964 for $ 2 million ( $ 14,987,124 ) - ( Approximately U.S. $ 15 million in 2013) , paid from time to time at three percent interest rate , to a group of investors headed by John Y. Brown, Jr. and Jack C. Massey . Sales including lifetime salary and agreement that , quality controllers and company trademarks .

According to Massey , when the offer was first touted to Sanders it is difficult to know how he felt about the deal and he would ignore one day and talk about it as if the inevitable next . Massey knew that Sanders believes in astrology , horoscopes and wait until Sanders has a very positive attitude and dramatic before making an offer definitive . Massey Sanders went to the office and make a written offer . Sanders saw it , opening drawers , reading horoscopes , and agreed to sell it . Sanders seems to be disappointed with the deal told the Washington Post . " I do not like some of the things that John Y. it does , to me Let the record speak for itself . He was very over- persuaded me to come out " .

Massey and Brown changed the format of this restaurant from the restaurant - much style restaurant envisioned by Sanders to model independent fast food . Give all their restaurants pattern of red and white stripes of different colors , the group opened more than 1,500 restaurants , including locations in all 50 U.S. states and several international locations . The concept caught it the best . most people have ever tasted and took a dish that has become Sunday dinner , treats and making it one of the daily staple . Massey and Sanders do not like each other and get angry when Colonel Massey stated that the company's headquarters will be in nashville , Tennessee and not in Kentucky .

He shouted , " It's Fried Chicken in Tennessee no shit! no matter there are several " John Y. Brown did not like the idea either , but Massey has 60 percent of the company 's and Brown's 40 percent . Massey wants to be in the company's headquarters near his home . Brown claimed that he brings order and efficiency to the chaotic management structure , treat Sanders increasingly dissatisfied with the patient and prudent .

Nephew Sanders ' Lee Cummings left the company after the sale. and find the " Lee 's Famous Recipe Chicken " in 1966 at the urging Massey to make the company went public . Sanders was sorry when it sold the company and the stock price of $ 1.5 million for exclusive rights senilainya of Canadian corporate activities .

Later that year Massey resigned from the company and Brown announces headquarters will be moved to Louisville , Kentucky . By Sally Denton , Massey left the business with " a sour taste in his mouth " , and refused to discuss the ex- public partnership . In 1967 , KFC has become the sixth in the U.S. as the largest restaurant chain by volume . In 1968 , Kentucky Fried Chicken is the largest fast food business in the U.S. and in 1969 was listed on the New York Stock Exchange . in August 1970 Colonel Harland Sanders and his grandson Adams resigned from the board of directors . In a New York Times article , Sanders said , " I realize that my place is not got a place .... Everything that a big company boards above my head and I was confused by the talk and high finance are discussed in this meeting "

Companies , too big for the Colonel to be addressed , growing too giant , also to John Y. In July 1971 Brown . Kentucky Fried Chicken was eventually taken over by the Connecticut -based Heublein , specialty foods and alcoholic beverages company , for $ 285 million ( $ 1,635,529,992 ) Heublein with a marketing plan to increase the volume of Kentucky Fried Chicken " know-how " . Through the 1970s the company introduced several new products to compete with the fast food market . As management concentrates on overall store sales . they fail to realize that the basic chicken business was stalling . Sales increased by competitors inflicted Kentucky Fried Chicken . At this time the company Texas , Church 's Chicken , began to make inroads kepangsa KFC market with " Crispy Chicken " . KFC in 1972 also introduced the " Extra Crispy Chicken " In 1974 Sanders complained about the quality of food has declined.

" Oh my God , terrible sauce . They get tap water , mix it with flour and starch . ends with pure wallpaper paste . Another thing , there was a new crispy recipe in the world but doughball stuck on some damn fried chicken . " It said .

The explosion pushed the KFC franchise diBowling Green , Kentucky . Sanders tried to sue the defamation . In 1973 Heublein trying to sue Sanders after he opened a restaurant in Shelbyville , Kentucky by the name " Claudia Sanders Dinner House Lady Colonel " In 1974, Sanders sued Heublein Inc. counterproductive for $ 122 million ( $ 574,931,174 ) over alleged abuse his image in promoting products . he does not help develop even hinder its ability to restaurant franchise . A Heublein spokesman described it as " nuisance suits " In 1975 Heublein settle out of court with Sanders , of $ 1 million ( $ 4,319,109 ) continues his salary as a goodwill ambassador and allow businesses to get ahead of his restaurant as " Claudia Sanders Dinner House "

In 1976 Sanders complained that the company " did not know what what it does " and that it " really embarrassing " to have his picture is affiliated with such an inferior product . Michael Miles promoted by Heublein to run the chain in 1977 and credited the company " sick " by applying the formula back- to-basics . One of the most prominent Miles strategy is to lure back onside Sanders , and to listen to his recommendations for business . Miles also launch an extensive store remodeling program , as the outlet has become dated and damaged . Sanders died in 1980 , after frequently travels 200.00 - 250,000 miles a year , mostly by car , to promote its products until shortly before his death .

In 1982 Heublein purchased by RJ Reynolds , who must contend with the introduction of Chicken McNuggets at McDonald's throughout the chain . Reynolds in 1983 to sell their restaurant division . PepsiCo in 1986 for book value of $ 850 million ( $ 1,802,185,792 ) . Reynolds sold the chain to pay off debt associated with the purchase of Nabisco recently that in order to concentrate on tobacco and food packaging business . PepsiCo makes the chain part of the worldwide division of PepsiCo Restaurants with Pizza Hut and Taco Bell which it is anticipated that they will bring their expertise in merchandising company .

In 1991 the name was officially adopted KFC , although it has been widely known by the initialism . The early 1990s saw a wave of new products launched throughout the chain , such as spicy foods " Hot Wings " and popcorn chicken , and " Zinger " , a spicy chicken fillet burger , for the international market . 1993 non - fried chicken has been added to the menu in the U.S. and Australia for the first time . In 1994 Roger Enrico was appointed as CEO of PepsiCo Restaurants " sick " all over the world , and David C. Novak was appointed President of KFC and charged with turning the company " sick " Novak oversaw 10 consecutive quarters dipertumbuhan restaurant after introducing new products such as the chicken pot pie and chicken marinated .

In 1997 the restaurant division of PepsiCo spun as a public company valued at $ 4.5 billion ( $ 6,514,925,373 ) to repay short-term debt and because as one of PepsiCo executive admitted " we are not a restaurant schtick " According to an analyst it is not clear whether the $ 4.5 billion was again . PepsiCo on investment . given that much of the debt that Pepsico has emerged from the investment of capital - intensive restaurant .

The company named Tricon Global Restaurants and at that time 30,000 outlets and $ 10 billion in sales ( $ 14,477,611,940 . Making it the second in the world only McDonald ) It was renamed to Yum ! Brands exist in 2002. original KFC franchise restaurant in Salt Lake City native was rebuilt in 2004 to incorporate a small museum . From 2002 to 2005 KFC had three years of weak sales . when a lack of investment in product development to leave the brand in finding " tired and badly positioned " according to Research Restaurant , an independent consultant . KFC responded by adding low- heat chicken burger on the menu , called " Snacker " are easier to eat than chicken on the bone . It also embarked on a makeover of the brand image , to bring back the full " Kentucky Fried Chicken " name in several outlets , giving a new edge to touch the portrait of Colonel Sanders , and promote once again the chicken cardboard picture has been left behind is ( briefly ) in the 1990s .
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